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Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 30

Day 30!! Wow!
30 days, 30 pieces, it feels good! Although some days have been very hard, when I've just got home from work and I know that I'm probably going to be up until 2.00am in the morning making a piece...again, I have wondered 'why the hell am I doing this?

 But it's definitely worth it, I have created more in the past month than I think I managed in 6 months last year,  it's a great idea for anyone who lacks the self discipline to work for themselves every night like I do.

And for today's wearable piece, I've made a bangle. I really like this design and I haven't stopped wearing it since I made it!! I think this may turn into a new theme....


  1. Another day, another favourite. i really REALLY like this one!

  2. Well done. Keep doing it:)

    Wish I had done more with my time before I had children. You will benefit so much from this challenge.
    Might try it myself one day when when my kids are bigger. It is very frustrating to not be able to do this now!